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In the Footsteps of Lord Byron

starting from €1250. Please inquire about small group pricing.

Set in the fashion of the Grand Tours this trip will explore the fascinating period of traveling in the European part of the Ottoman Empire. The  1809  explorations of Lord Byron and his entourage of the wild Albanian landscape.   Meeting with the famous Albanian Lord Ali Pasha, inspiration for his bestselling book Child Harold which took him to the pinnacle of European literature. Our Tour will explore all these and more. 

A delight for history and poetry enthusiasts


  •  The UNESCO World Heritage city of Gjirokastra

  • The famous Bektashi Monastery

  • Riding the mountains and forests of Southern Albania  

  • One of Albania’s oldest Byzantine churches at Labovë e Kryqit  

  • Riding through the Kelcyra 

Throughout the days, we experience firsthand the landscape as our beloved Lord Byron, and the evenings are spent reflecting upon the day’s events. His captivating journeys included the UNESCO World Heritage city of Gjirokastra, Tepelena (birthplace of the Albanian-Ottoman ruler, Ali Pasha), and Melanit (a religious center for Bektashi Shi'it Muslims).


      Adventured on a shore unknown,

Which all admire, but many dread to view.

- Lord Byron

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