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All of our tours are fully customizable! You can take inspiration from our Special Interest day and multi-day tours and let us know what your interests are in the contact form. We will make the perfect travel plan based on your interests and needs.

Our intimate knowledge of Albania allows us to offer travelers not just a visit to the country, but a true understanding of Albania and its people. We continue to carve a remarkable niche for travelers who appreciate our attention to detail, personal service, expert advice, and promise of a truly authentic experience.   


                                                                                              Travel like a local!

Multi-day tours

Multi-day tours

Archeological and Ancient History

With a long history of Illyrian, Roman, Ottoman, Italian and more empires, Albania has endless historical and archeological sites to learn about.

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Via Egnatia

The Via Egnatia is an Ancient Roman road, as a continuation of the Via Appia between Rome and Istanbul, the two great metropolises Roman Empire.


South Albania Trail

Hiking through the beautiful mountains of the South, meeting locals and tasting the delicious home-made food. Get to know the true Albania by this off-the-beaten-path tour.


Walking in the Footsteps of Lord Byron

Do you wish to understand and experience Albania as Lord Byron, the famous poet of the Romantic Movement, did two centuries ago? Read more about his journey here.


Bird Watching South Albania

Grab your binochulars for this spectacular bird watching tour through South-Albania. You will be on the lookout for the local 64 bird-species in the country's National Parks and mountains.


North to South Albania

From the Albanian Alps to the UNESCO cities of the South. You will experience all that Albania has to offer while hiking with an experienced, local tour guide.


Discover Albania: Weekend Getaway

Your dream holiday in the beauty of the Balkans. Choose your favourite activities and discover Albania!


South Albania Walking trails

The South of Albania has many walking trails. Choose your interests here and design your dream hiking holiday.

Day tours from the port of Saranda

Day tours

Gjirokastra I City Tour

Walk through the beautiful, old ottoman-style UNESCO Heritage Site city Gjirokastra, and visit multiple historic highlights.


Butrint I Walking Tour

Come and learn about South Albania's history at UNESCO World Heritage Site Butrint.


Walking Saranda I City Tour

Breathe in the fresh, salty air and walk through the 1400 years of history.


Landscape Drive & Orange Grove

This tour will take you along Old Butrint Road, connecting two ancient sites in Northern Greece. 


Bike Tour in Butrint National Park

On this active tour along the wetlands of Butrint, you will be riding through orange groves and ancient ruins of Butrint.


Jeep Safari from Saranda

Travel along the Rivera and enjoy the spectacular view of the Adriatic.


Walking the trails in Butrint

You will walk through the ancient ruins of the UNESCO Heritage Site Butrint National Park and the wetlands around it. 


Cooking in Butrint: Rick Stein Style

In the UNESCO Heritage Site of Butrint you will learn how to cook with the local seasonal items at hand the Albanian traditional way!

Day tours from the port of Durres or Tirana Airport


Vibrant Tirana I City Tour

Explore the energy, soul, and magic of the Balkans in the capital of Albania.


Durres I City Tour

 Durres has been the way to enter Albania for many. Discover the history on this informative walking tour!

Custom tours

Fill in the form down below and we will contact your own expedition specially made for you! You can also contact us by sending an email or giving us a call.

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Custom tours
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