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Vibrant Tirana

Please inquire about small group pricing.

Explore the energy, soul, and magic of the Balkans.

Tirana is one of Europe's most vibrant capitals. Home to the largest "Piazza" in the Balkans, the city is transforming into a friendly walking town.

The Ever-Developing Capital


  • Museums BunkArt 1 & 2

  • National Gallery

  • Blloku 

  • Toptani Castle

Visiting the famous "Blloku" surrounded by vibrant cafes, great food, and always something going on is a must-do when visiting Tirana. Don't be afraid to talk to some locals while sipping your morning coffee or an evening drink - Albanians are happy to talk to you. 

Getting to know history through multiple historical musea, like BunkArt is also quite unique. BunkArt consists of two bunkers from the Communist Era that are converted for the public to learn about this period of Albania. 


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