Meet The Team

Auron Tare


Auron Tare is Founder of Our Own Expeditions. Extremely active in culture heritage issues and preservation initiatives in the country. After serving as a member of the scientific committee for many years, in 2018 he was nominated as  Chairman. Auron achieved his first great success as one of the founders of Butrint National Park Foundation In 2006 he established the Albanian Center for Marine Research (ACMR) which serves as the leading NGO specializing in underwater research and archaeological expeditions. Together with RPM Nautical Foundation, INA from Texas A&M great findings and exploration continue each year along the coast.



 Managing Partner of Sales

Nancy Tare is a native Michigander. She graduated from the University of Michigan.  For the past twelve years, she has managed operations and sustainability programs for Our Own Expeditions. “With every tour we execute, we are constantly thinking of ways of keeping it real. Ensuring every local person touched will benefit from it one way or another. We strongly believe that Albania has a wonderful opportunity to learn from many mistakes other well-known destinations have previously made and we plan on doing it right." 

Our passion and purpose is to create and promote tourism as a vital sector that the locals can benefit. We hope that our small role can somehow prevent over tourism and foreign occupation of our treasured sites and preserve our landscape. 

Florika Rraku

Guide Manager

A local of Saranda, Lola is a certified guide that possess knowledgeable information not just about the history of the sites but interesting details to local living in the south. With a teaching degree in education she is accustomed to making her tours entertaining and thought provoking. Extremely passionate about travel and dedicated to establishing a career in tourism, she manages daily operations during the tours as well as at the port of Saranda where she plays a dual role as a port agent servicing mega yachts coming to our shores.  







Professor of Archaelogy 

Ols Lafe is an archaeologist and national tour guide and has studied history and archaeology at the University of Tirana, Albania. He received an MA at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), and holds a PhD in cultural heritage management from the University of Tirana, Albania.

Co-authored several books and has won the 2014 Society for American Archaeology Book Award in the Scholarly category. Apart from his academic background in archaeology and tourism he served for over 6 years as the Director of the Cultural Heritage directorate of Albania's Ministry of Culture as well as with President of Albania as his Cultural Heritage Adviser and Director of Cabinet. He is currently leading the Center for the Development of Ancient and Medieval Albanian Heritage (CDAMAH), a scientific research center based at the state university "Aleksandër Moisiu" in Durrës, Albania.

After serving two terms in Iraq as Albania "Special Forces" we are honored to have Vilson on our team. His promptness, precision and instinctual capabilities makes him the perfect driver and assistant to our team.  



Golden Retriever

Our trusted companion, best friend and scout.