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New Year , New place in Albania

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Albania has historically been an "off the beaten path" kinda place that has always attracted some of the world's most escentric people. Dating as far back as 19th century travellers such as Lord Byron and Edward Lear, Edith Durham and Laura Ingells all left their foot prints here. Travellers of today are sweeping into Albania's borders and bloggers are pounding away writing about their experiences and what they have discovered. Capital is booming with mobikes for rental, underground bunker museum to explore, new cafes are booming with young people and old adorning the sidewalks as they go about their day. The energy is real and felt by everyone. But to really feel th culture, know the people you must get out of the city an explore. We want tourism to have a country wide benefit for the country and that means head to the highlands. So, the new next place we want to share for 2019 is Nevice, Tepeleni. This once desolated village sits 800m above sea level has massive rolling hills, vast mountain tops, deep unexplored canyons, acres of apple orchards, slow rivers, and beats to the tempo of the bells of roaming goats. So if your looking to truly experience an 'off the grid" kinda place, a place where your footprint can have a positive impact than visit Nevice.

Nevice Tepeleni awaits you!

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익명 회원
2020년 2월 06일

I want to say that after come back . I will must go Albania and will visit this place and I really like your article.

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