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To the unlearned tourist, indeed, Albania is a puzzle of the highest order

                                                    Edward Lear – 1854


South Trail


Our Own Expeditions can trace its roots back 25 years. We are a boutique travel operator that offers diverse, high quality, and personalized travelling experiences that are engrained with staunch geotourism principles.


We are passionate about sharing the culture, history, food, wine, art, music, and natural wonders of Albania with what we call, the “Thinking Traveller”. We firmly believe that the types of people that want to visit and explore Albania are curious by nature, adventurous, knowledge seekers, and appreciators of beauty, quality, and life changing experiences. 

Whether you are a historical enthusiast, an explorer with a thirst for adventure, or someone looking to discover the unique culture of these lands, we can help you create moments that will stay with you forever.

Our ethos centers around our ongoing commitment to the preservation of history, authenticity, and sustainability.  We are proud to share with you our handcrafted VIP tours. Our promise to you is to ensure that your journey is your own experience, your own expedition.

Can I travel to Albania?  

For those looking for additional resources on this topic, we recommend trusted sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Small Group Journeys


South Albanian Trail

Mountain to Sea 

05/21 - 11/21 

7n/8 DAYS |  Starting at  $1100.00

Explore Southern Albania's Alps, full of culture, medieval villages, pastorial life and ancient trails, where Macedonian and Roman legions once walked and where you can experience epic hikes, deep canyons and mighty peaks.



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Footsteps of Lord



10 DAYS |  Starting at $1299.00

“Land of Albania!” he proclaimed in “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”, Come join our poetic journey as we travel and explore in Albania as Byron and Hobhouse did over a century ago.



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Via Egnatia

04/21- 11/21 custom dates

10 Days | Starting at $1299.00

Walk the Ancient Road that once connected Rome to Constantinople. With over 86km in Albania to be explored.



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Cultural Tours

04/21- 11/21 custom dates

Visit all of Albania's  UNESCO World Heritage sites, old churches and Musuems, ancient routes and visit with the locals and shepherds along the way. 



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Foodie Tour

04/21 - 12/21

Travels along the coast, you will dive into the local fresh mussels, fish and octopus which are specialities along the rivereia.  As you hike the mountain tops, stroll along the valleys farm to table delights. 



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Yoga Tour

04/21 - 10/21

Join us for the best "slow tour" experience one can enjoy. As you trek Albania's mountain sides and trails,

mediate and daily yoga practice, farm to table food and of course time to oneself.  



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What a great trip to Albania, Macedonia & Greece we had! What a beautiful country! Thank you hugely for putting together such a wonderfully balanced journey. Our patient guide and knowledgeable, Kela was excellent! I think she showed us all the best spots in the time we had, and with a bright smile, she could talk the stone faced guards or policemen into getting her way. The food was excellent and she made sure I had a dairy-free meal. I felt very taken care of, safe and spoiled. A great trip all the way around! thank you! thank you very much, warm wishes