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Art of Assisting….More Than a Yoga Thing

Art of Assisting Yoga class held in Tirana and led by Baptiste instructor Luca Richards, and hosted by the best yoga studio in town Free Flow Yoga Tirana made me realize more than ever how these very same “art of assisting tactics” can not only be applied to yogi’s but also to travelers. It was like a splash of cold water when it occurred to me that the same principles can be applied to travelers that are seeking depth, peace, and harmony during their travels. Unselfishly,  I decide to share the same fundamental principles we learned that weekend.

Hopefully these tips will provide you with greater awareness to your travels this year. “Ground Down like the Earth” – Take hold of this new-found city, town or mountain side. Be completely aware of where you are and those that surround you. “Flow like water” – Allow this new place to evoke all your senses without judgement. “Build an inner fire” – Allow your curiosity to push you ahead and explore deeper. Opt out of touristy places and dive into locals hangouts and cafe’s..isn’t this the reason you travel to begin with? by the way Albania is full of them. “Soften like air” – Let your natural breathe guide you as you explore. Don’t take things too seriously as you meet new people, it’s not a business deal. “Create Space for something new” – Accept what is happening around you even though its unfamiliar. You will be surprised at how the locals make a better burger or cup of java. Just like in your own practice or in...

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